This is an exploration of my new home in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. After living in the outskirts of Geelong for all of my 21 years of life, it was time for me to leave the sanctuary of the only home I knew in favor for the convenience of city life. I was drawn to Sunshine for its proximity to the City and the relatively inexpensive cost of living. These photographs are the result of my daily walks around the streets of Sunshine. I never know where these walks will take me, I simply walk until I end up back home. In 2016 Sunshine had an estimated population of 10,249 residents (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2011 and 2016 Usual residence), yet during my strolls, the suburbs would seem deserted, if it weren't for the delicious smells of family dinners wafting into the streets. Sunshine has a reputation for being unsafe, full of criminals, dole bludgers, and other undesirables; yet this reputation is a little outdated. 20 years ago Sunshine was a very different place, and while crime is still an issue affecting the local community, it is less rampant as it once was.

My work as a Real Estate Image Editor requires me to mask the imperfections of a house, many images in this project are my rebellion from my work. I am not interested in altering the facts to elude to perfection, I want to show Sunshine as it is. Warts and all.