'Broken Wind'

'Broken Wind'

My brother and I grew up in band rooms, orchestra pits, and grand theatres. Music dictated our lives and we regularly opted to attend music lessons instead of actual class- often to the disgust of our other teachers. For me music was my means of escaping the stresses of day to day life when I played, I did not think of my worries, but was able to get lost in the rhythm

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Interview with Sally Kaack

Sally is a Melbourne based fine art photographer, in 2017 she self published a book entitled ' We Came as Children'
KC: Can you give a brief overview of 'We Came as Children'
SK:  My body of work ‘We Came As Children’ photographically explores family and memory. Due to family issues, I never had much of a relationship with my Grandfather, a quiet man with an interesting story. A victim of the war who sought refuge in England. In his final years, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and lost his memories. Thankfully, he made a lot of photographs for me to discover, and through found imagery - I can feel at peace knowing that I did know my Grandpa.  I know him through his photographs which act as his memories.
KC: Was your project always going to be a book?
SK: From the very beginning I knew that this body of work would suit a photobook. The book to me is very personal and looking through my Grandpa’s imagery, was like reading an old diary. Therefore, the work took on a diaristic approach and sharing it in a photobook made the most sense
KC: What was your approach to mixing archival images with your own work?
SK :
Due to the fact that I didn’t have any memories with my Grandpa, I wanted to in a sense collaborate with him and create something together. Therefore a lot of my images are reflections and responses to his. Although, it was intended that one wouldn’t be able to tell who’s images were who’s, I think it is interesting that, unintentionally my Grandpa’s images are often glimpses of family moments while mine were mostly empty places bringing a sense of loss and loneliness.
KC: What are you working on now?
SK: I’m currently working on a body of work exploring nyctophobia. It involves me playing as a flâneur, searching for the unknown...


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